Pro Metal Works just added the latest technology in metal fabrication!

    At Pro Metal Works we are the leader in technology, speed, and reliability. Once again we would like to announce the addition of another piece of advanced technology offered by Amada, it is the Amada LCG3015AJ 6kW fiber optic laser. The system is currently being installed and will utilize a ten shelf material tower system. This new 6kW laser will bring opportunities for new growth to Pro Metal Works.  The LCG 3015 AJ laser system was designed specifically to handle high-speed, high-precision metal fabrication operations, a benefit of the increased sensing speed engineered into the specially-designed cutting head. This level of precision will also improve edge quality, and broaden the scope of different material that can be cut. It will also expand our current fiber optic laser cutting abilities by increasing our range of current material thickness and opening our capacity for additional work. The proven technology in this fiber optic laser allows for cut times up to 4x faster than conventional lasers while only utilizing half the operating costs. Combined with lower maintenance and an ECO-friendly impact on the environment equals a win-win for customers. The LCG 3015AJ will be an excellent addition to our previous acquisitions of the Amada ACIES 2515T Laser/Turret and the Amada HG1003AR bending robot.

   The Amada ACIES 22515T (shown here) has increased our ability to provide value-added features. For instance, only with the ACIES can you extrude and tap holes eliminating the installation of costly pem nuts (see below), and thanks to a recessed lower turret we can provide parts with formed features (louvers, lances, embosses, flanges, extrusions, etc...) in the up direction and down direction, which is virtually impossible with other turrets. The ACIES also has a 300 station tool gantry system (see below) that allows for robotic load and unload of turret tooling which reduces or eliminates setups.

   To learn more about this fiber optic laser or the laser/turret or any of our other latest machine additions, or if you would like to schedule a tour of our facility, please contact me Wayne Sherwood at 608-279-3137 or