Metal Fabrications - Welding and Pem Insertion

Pro Metal Works offers an extensive array of methods for fastening metal parts together - operated by outstanding professionals. These methods are welding, pemming, spot welding, and Tog-L-Loc. Our staff is well trained and certified to AWS D1.1, D1.2, and D1.3 welding standards. When you need help welding or fastening together light gauge metal turn to us for all of your needs. See below for further details.

worker automation ARcworker dst series wewlding robot cell

The Dual Stationary Table system allows for larger parts to be welded. The operator can prepare the work on side A while the robot is welding on side B. The simultaneous loading & welding provides a 50% increase in productivity over manual operations

  • Work piece window 30" x 40"
  • Maximum weight of 100lbs 
  • 6 axis 55" reach
  • 120" bed

AMADA ID40IV ST Spot Welder

The ID40IV STProvides Class A welding performance across a wide range of material by consistently delivering stable direct current output, resulting in superior finished products that require little or no post processing.


Haeger 824 one touch

The 824 is a versatile machine for inserting four different fasteners in a single part handling. This reduces part handling and cuts down on work-in-progress. 

Haeger 824 with Tog-l-loc tooling

Tog-L-Loc® is a process known as clinching which cold-forms a metal part using a special punch and die to form a strong interlocking clinch joint. The result of the process is a round, button shaped extrusion on the die side of the assembly, and a small cylindrical cavity on the punch side. The clinch joint requires only the sheet metals that were joined. No external fasteners, or welding is utilized in the process. This is an excellent option for galvanized parts that require spot welding. Spot welding galvanized parts does give off dangerous fumes that can cause metal fume illness. Mechanically fastening parts eliminates that for a better and safer joining of parts.